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Expanded business hours

We have changed our ministry hours to serve them better. Our doors are open as long as there is a need!

    As a ministry, we have been able to hekp some of the homeless folks to return to the community.  We have assisted Miles of Help Through Jesus another ministry ran by Pastor Gus Martinez to get three homeless men into an apartment and maintain jobs.


    In April 2012, we asssted another homeless family, husband and wife, to receive help through the End Veteran Homelessness group to receive an apartment with all utilities and rent paid for one year on July 1st, 2012 while this veteran is awaiting his disability claim to be precessed.


    We continue to strive with helping the homeless and families in need through our program.  We have moved from the east side of Orlando to the City of Ocoee but continue to serve where needed.


    Since our beginings we have assited and work with IDignity, an organization dedicated to help the needy and homeless to recover their identifications by getting them birth certificates, social security cards and either driver's license or just a FL identification.


    Throughout the year 2013 we have been involved in assisting homeless as well as needy families with clothes, food, transportation and counseling assitance.  We visit those that are in jail as well as those whom end up in hospitals.


    Saturday November 16th, 2013, we proudly helped, assisted and worked in the forth Annual Thanksgiving Dinner for the Homeless in coordination of Miles of Help thru Christ Ministry.


    We are now developing the Ocoee area with our ministry.


New online presence

Welcome to our new website, where you will find current information and updates about our ministry.