About Us

We strive to serve as dedicated and committed as possible. Our friendly and attentive staff together with our group of volunteers are looking forward to serve the community.


Rev. Dr. Jose Garcia

Rev. Kenneth Garcia

E-mail: revkenny@homeagles.org


Jose G. Martinez-Perez

Phone:  407 761-1771

Email: jose@homeagles.org

Ruthie Martinez

Phone:  407-761-1772

E-mail:  ruthie@homeagles.org

Pastor Jorge Encarnacion

Harry Pecunia

E-mail:  harry@homeagles.org

Jannette Frey

E-mail: jannette@homeagles.org

Yaritza I. Thompson

E-mail:  yari@homeagles.org

Ronnell M. Thompson

E-mail:  ronnell@homeagles.org

Raymond D. Santiago

E-mail:  danny@homeagles.org

Neysa Millan Santiago

E-mail:  neysa@homeagles.org

Mari Sierra

E-mail: mari@homeagles.org

Hector A. Moreno

E-mail:  hector@homeagles.org

Elizabeth Moreno

E-mail:  liz@homeagles.org